Wheel Alignments

If you’ve ever visited a chiropractor for a body alignment to improve how efficiently you move, understand that wheel alignments serve a similar purpose of optimizing how your vehicle moves down the road. At Lakelands Tire & Auto, wheel alignments are one of the core specialty auto repair services — like brakes, wheels, tire and others — our team of ASE-Certified auto mechanics provide motorists in Greenwood, SC, and surrounding communities.
“Wheel alignment” is actually a misnomer; the process is actually a “suspension adjustment,” that adjusts the angle between the vehicle and its tires in accordance with the specifications for how your vehicle was built and equipped. A proper wheel alignment performed by the experts at Lakelands Tire & Auto provides customers with several cost-saving benefits, including more even tire wear (so tires don’t have to be replaced prematurely), your vehicle tracking truer to the direction you’re travelling (rather than pulling to one side or the other), and more comfortable steering (as opposed to a erratic vibration, wandering, floating, or shaking feel).
Using alignment equipment involves sophisticated service procedures, precise measurements, and an expert understanding of the complex geometry and trigonometry involved. As a specialist, that’s the value Lakelands Tire & Auto brings to our customers. Every vehicle make and model has its own unique set of alignment specifications, which are essentially angles that align the suspension from three different perspectives, or angles, similar to drafting in shop class back in high school. In addition, certain aftermarket modifications (suspension lifts, larger wheels, etc.) can affect these settings.
Camber sets alignment from the front end or the vehicle; caster addresses alignment from your vehicle’s side, and toe sets alignment from the top view looking down at your vehicle. Think of it as geometric triangulation. Our auto mechanics at Lakelands Tire & Auto know the specifications required for each vehicle make and model are unique, as they vary with how a vehicle was built and equipped. Each camber, caster, and toe angle must be set just right — too much or too little for any of them prevents your vehicle from driving with the comfortable and precise steering you expect and deserve.

Lakelands Tire & Auto team of auto mechanics knows how to determine, adjust, and apply the correct “Goldilocks alignment solution” for your vehicle when you bring it in for a wheel alignment. Our staff welcomes you to enjoy the coffee shop ambiance and vibe of its well stocked and comfortable waiting lounge. If instead, you have places to be and things to do, our free concierge shuttle service can drop you off and later pick you up when your wheel alignment is completed. We strive to provide the best customer service in Greenwood and customer reviews like this one show we hit the mark.
“Great service! Took me home and picked me back up and took me back to the shop once my car was finished!” -- Erin A.
Peace of mind eases the stress of driving, whatever the destination, weather, or season. If you suspect you may need a wheel alignment, or want to make sure before you leave on a trip for business or pleasure, let the auto repair specialists at Lakelands Tire & Auto inspect your vehicle, inform you of what, if anything, is needed, and reset your vehicle to its optimal alignment. We invite you to schedule an appointment online, call us or drop by our shop at 103 Webb Avenue, Greenwood, SC 29649, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. We’d like to be your auto repair partner of choice.

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